Securex Transport

Machinery Transportation

Securex Transport is your local logistics company providing heavy machinery hauling services throughout Canada in our fleet of sturdy trucks and trailers. We provide the fleet you need to safely move your big machinery, whether it’s locally or across the country. We consider the type of machinery, its weight, height, and other factors to ensure that your cargo is carried safely.

Machinery Transportation

We are well equipped to transport:

Why Choose Us?

Our team of drivers take pride in our machinery hauling capabilities and our ability to move delicate specialty machinery without causing any damage.

We will always charge affordable rates whether you are moving your machinery for a new project or exporting heavy machinery to a new owner. We know that each heavy equipment delivery is unique and necessitates a custom transport solution. Our competent and highly skilled logistics agents will gather all of the necessary information to give you with a dependable heavy machinery shipping experience.

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